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Jose Galvez

Carmelites minister in the Jose Galvez shantytown on the sand dunes on the outskirts of Lima. Many of their people have come down from the mountains in search of a better life. Some still live in dirt floor, one –room shacks without running water and electricity. We provide education for hundreds of the children, food pantries, medical and dental care and the other human services that are so necessary.


In recent years many of the desperately poor Indian people left their remote villages in the Andes to “squatter” on the arid sand dunes that surround Lima, Peru. Most of them like this mother and child live in dirt floor shacks without running water or electricity. Carmelites are there to help in the Parish of Sta. Teresita, in the shantytown called José Galvez.

"Mary is more mother than queen."
St. Thérèse, Patroness of the Missions
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